Thursday, April 03, 2008

Remembering Loved Ones in the Future

Well, the future is now. This is a fascinating development in the funeral industry in Japan - maybe it'll catch on elsewhere too! Using a bar code hidden in the tombstone of a loved one, visitors can use their cell phone to access select photos, text and other files relating to the deceased. Instead of visiting a cold, impersonal stone, family members can see photos capturing happy family memories, and read biographical notes. It's a great way to preserve the life and times of loved ones. And think what a wonderful boon this sort of info would be to professional and hobbyist genealogists!

It's really expensive right now (about $10,000 USD), but it's a fascinating idea for new ways to preserve our past for future generations.

I first learned about this on Mainichi this morning, and found the full story on Reuters. So interesting!

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