Friday, April 18, 2008

Pheasants and Frogs and BeanDreams

Was just out for a walk with Casey, and heard the first frogs of the season, peeping in the swamp! Must have been the warm and very moist weather we had today. The peeping is a sure sign of spring in these parts!

And now, I'm sure of it - while out, I heard TWO male pheasants doing their "this is my territory" sound: like a weird turkey gobble, followed by the (quite loud) noise of them rapidly fluffing their feathers. It creates a vibrating drum beat sort of sound in the air.

This might explain why sometimes we see a male with 3-5 females, but at other times, a male with just one. The male with just one female might be new, and just getting his family grouping started.

The male with the lone female was hilarious today - while I was cooking supper, I could see him standing in front of his woman, stretching his tail feathers up in this lovely water-fountain-looking display. And she would go "that's nice" and scoot around him, and keep going on her way. Then he'd follow her, get in front again, and it would all happen again. She seemed more interested in food today, than what he had in mind. ;) Pretty cute. Hey, she must be somewhat interested, she's staying with him and not going off to the guy who's awesome enough he can take care of FIVE ladies. ;)

Oh - I just brought in my windowbox planter for the night, and my bok choi sprouted already, hurray! :)

All in all, a fun spring evening!

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