Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring has sprung - away, and home "grown" eggs

Spring has sprung - away

Augghh! Where did spring go???'s been very pleasant and sunny lately, but late last night it started to the time I took Casey out for our very short walk at around 11 am, it was pouring cold, cold rain. Poor Casey, she really doesn't like stormy weather; whenever we go out in it, she starts lagging behind very quickly, and I ask, "Do you want to go home?" and she turns abruptly around and heads back home at a trot. I really need to get some oil cloth and make a little raincoat for her, I think that would help a lot. I know, it's pretty silly, the idea of this "grand" German shepherd in a raincoat, but if it makes her happy, it'll have to be okay. :D

Poor Max the squirrel, he's out there on our back deck railing right now, grabbing a snack, and his normally big puffy tail is soaked through; he looks so tiny and wet!

Home "grown" eggs

I thought I'd share this pic of some of the eggs we have in our fridge. My mother-in-law raises chickens (a flock of about 10), and brings eggs home for our use. She has lots of stories about the chickens, they can be quite funny sometimes (and very, very stupid). :) I really wonder how much clucking went on during the laying of some of these eggs - the tiny ones (not pictured) that the new, younger hens lay are very cute, but some of the ones that the older ones lay are ENORMOUS and look very painful! I mean, look at the size differential in some of these eggs! The individual variety of sizes and shapes of eggs per bird is really something! Some are perfectly round, some are squished on two sides, some have big's amazing.

But we're always happy to eat these eggs because we know that the chickens that produced them are happy and healthy, despite the occasional "tough egg to lay". :)