Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some applause please, for the retiring King of Donairs!

Mercy me, I guess time really does march on!

John Kamoulakos, a founder of Mr. Donair Ltd., is retiring. His brother, Peter, was the creator of the donair, and together they sold it through their chain of shops, which grew over the years. John also helped create Pizza Corner in Halifax, so when you get a 11 pm donair craving (yes, it does indeed happen, I can attest to that), you've got a place to go. :)

The donair spread throughout Nova Scotia, but for some reason, places outside can't quite get the recipe right, so we're still the best place to get one. My GOD they're good!

For those who don't know, a donair is a very spicy creation, kind of like a gyro, but instead of lamb, it uses beef, and it has a sweet and tangy sauce which is also different from the gyro sauce. The meat is rotated on a spit, then cut off and fried. A piece of pita bread is lightly fried with water and oil, to make it a little crispy but flexible. The meat, tomatoes, mozzarella, and onions are piled on top, then its rolled in half, kinda like a taco shell, and you pour some sauce on top! It is AMAZING!

A lot of places outside of NS say that they serve donair, but it's actually just a gyro you get, which can be very disappointing! Dave and I make our own here, we have a recipe for the meat, and while it's utterly fantastic, nothing beats getting one from the local pizza shop (always get a small one when trying a new place out for the first time, some places are better than others).

So, all hail the retiring King! You and your brother contributed a huge gift to our Nova Scotia culture! (seriously, the donair is synonymous with NS, it's something visitors find out about rather quickly when coming here!) Read the whole story from the Chronicle Herald here:

(I'll share my recipe later, the instructions are a little complicated and take some time to explain - they are SO worth it though!)