Monday, March 06, 2006

BeanDreams - Monday is fertilizer day

It's the tomatoes' first watering/fertilizing! Here's a distance shot of how everything's laid out. The background shows the tomatoes reaching for the light, and the foreground shows my sage, which was planted last Thursday and hasn't sprouted yet (I understand it's a very slow starter).

It's funny about the sage, I've been looking for over a year for sage leaves in the grocery store, I had run out and loved to use them on chicken, in meatloaf, etc. I prefer the leaves to the powdered form. But for some reason locally they had stopped carrying it. Then it struck me, *duh* grow your own! Then you can have all the leaves you want!

Here's a closeup of how the tomatoes are progressing. Their first leaves are getting very large, & I see the barest beginnings of their first "true leaves" peeking out. So, BeanDreams is coming along well! It'll be another month and a half or so before the ground outside will be thawed enough to start giving it a poke and seeing if it can be worked, so BeanDreams will be mainly focused on the indoor transplants for the next little while. I'll keep you all posted!