Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gallery update!

FINALLY! I hadn't had the time to update my online gallery in months, but it's done! I've added some of my favorites from my recent additions to my Cafepress shop. Here are just a couple you'll find:

As I mention in my design description, this style of design has a lot of good memories attached to it. Growing up, it was on tonnes of products throughout my home, and the homes of my Dido (grandfather) and Uncle. Soup tureens, kitchen spoon holders, candlestick holders, and mugs, mugs, mugs! It's like those "comfort foods" you eat when you're older to remind you of happy childhood times - these designs say "comfortable home" to me. I'm very pleased to carry on this tradition to a new set of products, and put my own spin on these folk designs. This design is based on traditional Ukrainian folk embroidery, with a customary trio of colors: red, black & white.

Nova Scotia is inundated with huge quantities and varieties of seafood! (but PEI has the biggest shellfish expo (it's International!) every year in September - someday I gotta go there and try the lobster! They cover it on the news every year, and it looks like SUCH a good time!)

But I digress - Nova Scotia has a proud and deep rooted fishing heritage, too, so it's natural that I should find such inspiration in it! This fish I created in a whimsical folk art style with heavy Celtic design influence. I'm really pleased with the gold effect I created in its outline, it turned out really well.:)