Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who had the worse flight?

Really, which of these two people get the award for worst flight ever?

You've got one guy who needed to pee REALLY badly after drinking too much before a 2 hour flight. The light wasn't working in the bathroom, so the flight crew told him he couldn't use the plane's facilities. Eventually his situation got bad enough that he had to urinate in an air sickness bag. No people, he wasn't kidding! He really did have to go! Can you imagine how demeaning that was?

Alternately, there was a man, who paid extra for the comforts of First Class, who awoke to discover he was sharing a row with the corpse of a woman who died in Economy. Apparently there aren't any contingencies for people who die during flight, and the only real option is to put the body in First Class, where there are less passengers. Good grief, I mean, I guess they didn't have any other options, but to wake up and see this corpse that keeps sliding out of the seat, AND getting to listen to the poor grieving daughter of the deceased crying for the next 5 hours, how awful. I understand it doesn't happen very often, but I can't see why they can't get an extra curtain (that's all that separates First Class from Economy in smaller planes anyway), and set it up at the front of First Class, to give the grieving and deceased some privacy. Yikes.

I bet these aren't even the worst though - in this great big world, I imagine there's plenty of horror stories for all sorts of mass transit...

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