Saturday, March 31, 2007

If you're making pickled eggs for Easter, today's your day!

I had almost let it go too long! But I remembered this morning, that if I want to have some of Uncle Steve's pickled eggs on Easter, I had better get them made today, so they can "do their thing" and be ready to eat on the big day! :)

To get my uncle's recipe for pickled eggs, go here.

And, if you want lots more recipes for great Ukrainian Easter breads and dishes, check out the rest of my collection here. The highly symbolic dish of beets and horseradish is there too - the red of the beets symbolize the blood of Christ, and the horseradish symbolizes the bitterness of His Passion and death.

And (drumroll please) I am so excited, I hope it gets here before Easter (but even if it doesn't, I'll have it for the future!) - I got a lamb butter mold on eBay!! You mold the butter to be put in your Easter basket (we Ukrainians put all the food for Easter in a basket and have it blessed by a priest) in the shape of a lamb (Christ being called the Lamb of God). It is placed at the top of the basket to "watch over" the rest of the foods - pickled eggs, beets, and like 20 kinds of keilbasa (sausage) and ham. Oh yum! :D Anyway, I finally got hold of a butter mold, and I can't wait to use it! :)

I read somewhere that we have all these pickled and cured foods so that there isn't much preparation to do on the big day, and everyone can enjoy the feast! So I'm definitely cooking our pork roast on Holy Saturday, instead of waiting 'till Easter. Boy, this is making me hungry!! :D