Saturday, March 24, 2007

BeanDreams 2007 - Beginning Plans

Time to start planning the garden for the upcoming growing season! As I did last year, I will be doing a detailed log on my BeanDreams page, and mini updates here in the blog of my gardening adventures. This is my second year of vegetable gardening - aside from personal mistakes made, we also had really lousy weather last year - BUT, things still went pretty well, I did get some produce out of it, and this year I'm looking forward to even more!

One big change I've made from last year is that all the crops I'm growing will mature in under 60 days - things with longer times, like the tomatoes, didn't get a chance to finish up outdoors last year, because the weather got too cold. I ended up starting to cover them in August, for goodness sake! (Tomatoes love the heat, and even though the weather was great, August was uncharacteristically cool at night - so I had to go out every night for weeks to cover my plants with plastic. Quite the hassle). With shorter maturity times, I'll be sure to have enough time for everything to come to fruition in the garden before the weather starts to get too nippy for more delicate, longer-season plants.

So, for more information and details on my growing garden here in Nova Scotia, check out my BeanDreams 2007 page. I'll be posting regular updates here too, all garden-related posts will be labeled BeanDreams 2007.