Sunday, March 04, 2007

Frosted Storm Aftermath

A massive storm system came our way a couple of days ago - we got off really easy, compared to many other places (which was a little weird and a little disappointing - we're used to a lot of snow around here, but the last couple of winters especially haven't had much snow at all)...

It started with regular snow, but ended with a lot of freezing rain - this resulted in the little stream across the street having snow land on top of it that then crystalized like frost. It was really different, I haven't seen anything quite like it before.

Here's an overview shot of the stream, with lots of ice and snow on top.

Here's a closeup of the frost/crystal patterns - hard to see like this, though.

Here, I've cranked up the contrast on the photo so you can see the frost patterns - aren't they just gorgeous? It's so strange for snow to look crystalized like this. Very cool!