Friday, October 06, 2006

Morning Pheasants!

This gorgeous group of Ring-Necked pheasants (what's a group of pheasants called, anyway?) paid us a visit on our front lawn this morning. They sat in the same place for a long time in the sun, I assume to get warmed up from a chilly night. Rarely, we've seen one lone male, but usually we see them travel together in groups like this. You can see the two males clearly in the foreground, but can you spot the female traveling with them, in the background? It's amazing how excellent the camouflage works for the females, eh?

Eventually, as they warmed up, they started to groom their feathers, and wander around, pecking away at the grass-seeds in the lawn. They stayed a really long time! Very fun! (except for Casey, of course, who had to wait some extra time for her and Dave's first play of the day--she didn't understand why, of course!) :)

We haven't seen any pheasants since the spring, it's nice to see them around again!