Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hallowe'en for Pets, and Greyhounds

Rick Conrad has a great little article today in the Herald detailing some information on how to get your pet ready to enjoy Hallowe'en safely - plus some info on fun pet costumes! :) Check it out!

But he also mentions that Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada (www.gpac.ca) are trying to find homes for 16 greyhounds that came in from the US last week. I'm not sure of the circumstances in this case, but from what I understand, usually these dogs are rescued from being put down after they are no longer fit to run at the racetrack - that is to say, they're still fast, but not fast enough. Certainly no reason to put down a dog! So, if you are in Atlantic Canada and want to help, check out the website. I know a lady in the neighbourhood that has a greyhound, and she says he's the sweetest couch potato! He loves to cuddle, and always checks in on all the family before bedtime, to ensure they're tucked in safely. He does love to run, but only for short bursts - he's actually not been as demanding as you might think for exercise (although all dogs need some!). So, if you want more information, or think you might be able to help, check it out!