Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Birdies and Windows...not a good combo!

This poor little (and I mean LITTLE) birdie banged loudly into our window about 10 minutes ago. I went out to take a look, and saw him in the grass below the window, beak wide open and breathing very little. I tried a couple of times to get hold of him (I understand that keeping them warm helps them get over shock faster, and it's a cold rainy day) but he was so small he squirted through my hands. I left him be - we tried to put a warmed-in-the-dryer towel near him for warmth, but already his beak was closed and he started to move his head around. I tried again, and to our delight he tried to fly away, but didn't get far (he headed right for the house and the window again, but very lightly so he didn't hurt himself again). It looks like he has a broken toe, but that may be congenital, as when he perched himself on my hand he was able to grasp it okay. He's hopped off into the high bushes now, and we'll check on him every 5 minutes or so until he's fully recovered--but as things look now, they look really good. He was still improving, as he started to look around more and more, and hop around a bit.

We just looked out now, and can't see him in the bush any more, so we figure he's moved on. Be careful out there, little birdie!!! Windows are not your friend!

We looked it up and it looks like it was an American Goldfinch, and probably a girl, not a boy. Poor little thing, she was so light in my hands! Very scared too, poor little dear. So glad she's all right! I didn't get a pic of the little girl we were helping. :)

[EDIT a few minutes later: we heard this REALLY LOUD chirp coming from the bush we thought she had left - we went outside and tried to look in it to see her, and after a brief "cheep" took off (banging lightly into the house again) but then got past it into the clear sky, and flew off into the forest, chirping all the way. So it looks like she'll be just fine! She must have chirped really loudly in the bush as she was coming to her senses, kinda like "Huh? What's going on here? Where am I?" :)]