Monday, October 23, 2006

Energy Saving Tips - Heading on to winter!

It's that time of year again, when people in colder climates dig out their sweaters, and get the oil tank filled up - pre-winter prep time is here! I found a couple of interesting articles involving this that are a good read!

[This one isn't really winter-related but is still in the same spirit] The BBC has this article: How to save energy - written for the UK, but of course all of us could use these tips! I always turn my monitor off when I'm leaving my computer, but it never occurred to me that my battery charger that I leave plugged in all the time is constantly drawing electricity - I feel silly now for not thinking of it before, but now that I know, I'm going to unplug it right away! Keeping energy costs low is good any time of year, but especially in winter - and it's good for the earth, too! Every little bit helps!

And from our counterpart here in Canada, the CBC has a nice little interactive showing easy (and not-so-easy, but important anyway) ways you can get your home ready for the wintertime.

Happy reading, and happy preparations! :D Even if you only do a few of them, they can make a big difference!