Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Important: Foreign Dignitaries, when visiting Canada, MUST go to Tim's!

Glad to hear that foreign affairs minister Peter McKay (a Nova Scotian) was making sure Condi Rice had the full "Canadian experience" and took her to Timmy's during their walkabout in Stellarton today. (She was here for some 9/11 ceremonies yesterday, to thank the people of Canada for all their help when all of those planes who couldn't land in the States were diverted here).

There are Tim Hortons doughnut/coffee shops EVERYWHERE in Canada. You cannot drive very far in any direction without hitting one (not literally HITTING one, of course). Their coffee is highly addictive (to those who love their coffee), and bringing a box of "Timbits" (little round ball-shaped doughnuts, in a mixed variety of flavors) is practically mandatory for business or group meetings. Truly a cultural institution here in Canada. Tim's has added a variety of foods to their product line over the years - their bagels and cream cheese are really good, as are their soup and sandwich combos (bread's a little dry, though). But by far, their coffee and doughnuts are the most popular.

See the CBC's story on her visit to Tim's: Rice has time for Tim Hortons (A play on Timmy's motto: You've always got time for Tim Horton's"). And there's more here.