Sunday, September 24, 2006

Great idea for sprucing up office buildings

Nice story from Japan this morning: Shinji Kato is an official who came up with this great idea to beautify a tall office tower. He had them plant "Heavenly Blue" morning glory plants from each landing - when the vines grew long enough to reach the landing beneath them, officials attached them together, so it looks like a giant waterfall of vines. The flower are expected to bloom in a few weeks, and should make for an even more gorgeous display.

Isn't that wonderful? What a fun idea to beautify an office building, something which might ordinarily be seen as something cold and imposing, now brought back to nature a little bit. Wonderful! It makes you wonder what we could do with our own office or other areas that might be a bit too bland and cold - now's the time to start dreaming these things up for next year! :D

Read the whole story on Mainichi here.