Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I won a little piggy! :)

Too fun, had to share: my mom's birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday, Mom!) and we went to the Dragon Buffet King to celebrate. Yum! Great selection of Chinese food, including soups, salad and dessert bar. Very nice, fresh dishes were brought out from the kitchen constantly. General Tao's Chicken was my favorite, definitely went back for a second helping there. :)

On the way out, I saw they had the Crane Game (like this sort of thing) in their lobby - $2, play till you win. It's not as easy as it looks on tv, that's for sure. :D I had my eye on this little piggy, and we had a lot of time to kill (waiting for the supper hour traffic rush to end so we could drive home), so after about 20 minutes, and several close calls, I was able to get him! I was very happy! :D He's some cutie. Then we went around the corner to Michael's (a big craft store chain from America, this "branch" is the only one I know of in the Halifax Regional Municipality). Holy moley, I've been to big craft stores before, but being in Chain Lake (home of the IMAX and tons of big box stores), this particular craft store is ENORMOUS! I was in Heaven!! The sheer volume of products was almost overwhelming! Showing incredible restraint, I managed to come away with only a few items, but I tell ya: if I ever win the lottery, that's probably the first place I'm going! :D heh heh heh