Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A visit from Nan

Had a nice visit from my Nan (grandma) today - she's 89 years old (89!!!), visiting from Ontario. We have very few visitors here at the house, so this was a big occasion, involving lots of cleaning, vacuuming, straightening (thanks to Dave for all his hard work on that!), and a big dinner! I made a roast chicken, and got to use some of the sage from the garden on it (yum!), stuffing (also called dressing), mashed potatoes and corn (which I understand Nan really enjoys), with gravy. We went through Nan's collection of old photographs, which was a lot of fun - most of them I hadn't seen before.

But a note to people out there: Label your pictures. Even a little note, and the date. Because you think you're always going to remember what you're taking a picture of, and what year it is, but there may be a time when you don't any longer. And those around you now weren't there then, so they can't help you remember. I've seen this a few times, that often the memory of things that were important enough to take a picture of are lost, because there's no notation to tell others what it was about. Fortunately many of Nan's pics were labeled, but some interesting ones weren't, and I would have liked to know more about them. I guess that's why people do scrapbooking so much these days. I know my Dad has a COMPLETE record of my life (I'm an only child so I think it was extra important to him), and he noted and dated EVERY photo. I try to do the same, but I'm not as fastidious as him. :)

But all in all, we had a fun time - even the dogs behaved themselves (well, mostly...Casey kept getting up on the couch and giving Nan kisses. Silly puppy). :D