Saturday, June 24, 2006

Raindrops and flowers

Had a nice, but rather short walk with Casey today - she doesn't like to go very far in the rain. :) Got a few pics off - glad we went when we did, because later, when Dave and I were in the kitchen, we both looked up and said, why is it so dark all of a sudden? It was like midday had turned to evening - then the skies opened up and it POURED!! We would have hated to be caught outside in that! :D

These are my favorite early summer flowers - they grow wild in this area, and are similar to forget-me-nots. They start out as pinkish-purple buds, as you can see at the top of the photo, and when they first open they remain that colour. The longer they're open, the more blue they turn, until they're this lovely sky blue colour that you see here. They're very tiny flowers, only about 1 cm wide.

Here, a cheerful summertime daisy soaks up the rain gratefully. Plants always look so refreshed after a rain.

These are the lovely wild iris that grow in the swampy regions in my neighbourhood (as shown before here). This shot shows how very wet the conditions are that they thrive in - they do like to grow directly in the water, it makes for a lovely display this time of year. Of course, when one hears the word "swamp", it tends to conjure up images of a dull, dark and creepy place, but actually it has a remarkable beauty all its own. Including, of course, lovely flowers like these that can't grow anywhere else. :)