Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bunnies on our walk!

Just went out to check the mail (I'm eagerly awaiting the last of Dave's birthday presents to arrive), and after that, took Casey out for a quick spin. We were down the street, and suddenly, I saw her start to run across the road, chasing after what I thought at first was a squirrel, but on second look, as I was yelling at her to stop, I saw it was a cute, long-legged skinny little bunny!! It started to run towards me to get away from my goofy dog, but saw me and thought better of it, heading instead towards the woods. Casey finally listened to me and stopped chasing it at the point where it went in the woods, and she stood there for some time smelling the grass. She doesn't want to hurt the bunnies, she wants to herd them - at night, she loves to play with tennis balls, but is only really happy when they're all herded together, when all her little babies are together in one place. Her herding instinct is SO strong, and if something runs or flys, she wants to get it slow down, stop and go to where the others are collected. She's so gentle, I have no fear of her hurting the little guys at all. In any case, she got really interested in the roadside where the bunny had come from, and while she was distracted there, ANOTHER skinny little bunny hopped across the driveway, looking at me - but not scared, just slowly hopping across - heading in the direction his little friend had gone a moment before. I wanted to squeal with glee, but kept my mouth shut so Casey wouldn't notice him and scare him. After he had gone into the woods, Casey and I continued on our way, with her none the wiser that she could have had TWO little bunny babies to herd and keep together. Silly puppy.