Saturday, May 13, 2006

WOW! I've never seen birds do this before!

I was just upstairs doing the dishes, watching the bird feeder. We have a pair of blue jays that come by occasionally - they're always together, and very fearful, any little noise or perceived threat will send them away. Today, one of them was at the bird feeder, and one in the tree. The bird feeder bird ate a couple seeds, grabbed a seed, then flew off to the bird in the tree. AND THEN, beak to beak, he FED the other bird the seed he had in his beak! It was so delicately and proficiently done it looks like they do this all the time. AMAZING! I've never seen an adult bird feed another adult bird in this manner. It seemed like the other bird was just too scared to come to the feeder, his/her friend/mate knew that, and went and got something for them! Extremely cool! So glad I saw it! :D