Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Kimono (Yukata) Came Today!

Cool!! I got this great summer kimono (yukata) today from kyotocollection on eBay - tons of patterns to choose from, they're great to deal with, check them out to see their huge selection! It's really fun, I'm still practicing getting it on properly, etc. but it's SO loose and comfortable (a little constricted around the waist, but still very comfortable). Don't know how to wear a kimono properly? Check out the fantastic, informative website at japanesekimono.com.) It's a really breezy piece of clothing, perfect for summer! :) Dave and I have been studying the Japanese culture and language for a little while now, so this seemed like a fun little treat to get. :)

But using chopsticks, on the other hand...that still totally eludes me. :D Always something new to learn, that's what makes life interesting! :)