Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday Afternoons, Jane Austen, and upcoming newsletter

Ah, I love Saturday afternoons...I'm a big fan of food, :) and Saturday afternoons on PBS are all cooking shows. Right now it's Lidia's Italian Table, and she's got her little granddaughter helping her out, rolling some filling into balls, it's really cute. It's great to get kids involved in cooking when they're young. It makes them feel like they've helped feed the family, and it gets them interested in something that can be useful to them their whole lives.
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Do you love Jane Austen, even a little? (C'mon, admit it...Pride and Prejudice is one of the best romance stories ever written - it's true!) We read Pride & Prejudice in a literature course at university - I had never read Austen before, and was so blown away, I devoured just about everything else she wrote. (While I really enjoyed reading the others, P & P was definitely the height of her literary powers, IMHO).

Anywho...if you enjoy Austen's work, you definitely need to check out The Republic of Pemberley. It's a very fun place for people to gather and discuss all aspects of her work, works like it, share their own Austen-inspired works and more. There's also links to the full texts of her works online. And for goodness' sake, you have to check out their online gift shop hosted at Cafepress. It is really one of the best theme shops I've seen out there, it's so fun. I mean, who wouldn't want a "My other car is a Barouche" license plate frame - it's adorable!

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I've been working a lot on my upcoming newsletter, there'll be lots of interesting info, including the introduction of two new pieces, and a sneak peek at a third. If you want to get my newsletter when it comes out on Monday (AST), you can sign up on my main website.