Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cast of Characters in the Blog

These are some of the people and animals you'll meet as you read through my blog.

Ann - me! artist & photographer, living on the Eastern Shore of beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.

• Dave - my honey since '93

Molly - our cranky-old-lady cat; she can still be sweet though! Named for Paul Molitor's nickname.

Baby Boy - our cuddly, but thuggish, cat. Born feral, we caught him in our backyard, tamed him, & have loved him ever since.

Peepers - our latest furry addition, came to live with us after staring in our back window for endless hours. We fed him, and he never left again (except to hunt a few hours at night). Moved indoors with us in July 2007. Still very kittenish, even though he had been living on his own in the wild for a while.

Casey - the sweetest, gentlest dog we've ever known; our best girl, our huge German Shepherd Dog.