Friday, March 28, 2008

Pigeons and Photography

Thought I'd make a quick point about appropriate use of flash. And show off a cute pic of Peepers, sitting on the edge of the kitchen sink this afternoon, watching the doves/pigeons in the falling snow. :)

Sometimes, the flash will not go off when taking a photo, if it detects there's enough light. However, if you're taking a photo of something with drastic light and shadow, flash may still be appropriate. Take for example, the first photo. There is a ton of white light coming in from the window, so the flash doesn't automatically go off. But this leaves Peepers and the rest of the foreground in the dark:

So, you change the flash from AUTO to ON (it's called different things on different cameras), and try again. You'll get a shot like this one:

Now you can see Peepers more clearly!

Then you can muck around in your favorite image editing program, and get a much better result. Sometimes the bright part will be a little washed out, but it's a big improvement over a blackened-out pic you can't see. :)

And, if you really want to muck about and crop the photo and selectively darken/brighten certain areas, you end up with something pretty cute:


Roberta in Los Feliz said...

Wow! What a cat!!
-Olenka, age 7 LA,CA,USA

Roberta in Los Feliz said...

Wow! What a cat!!
Olenka, age 7 LA,CA,USA