Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cookies, Donairs, and Christmas Daddies

Christmas Daddies, our wonderful Maritime charity helping poor kids at Christmas, is having their great telethon right now - the time when many, including myself, do some Christmas baking! My cookies turned out great - but the decorating...well...I think I need to do some serious practice. For now, they are frosted rather roughly. Oh well, close your eyes and eat 'em. :D

And just now, Bash Toulany came on with what he donates every year for auction on the show: a mega-normous pizza, and a super-incredibly long donair! The staff and people running the telethon will get to eat these ones, but he will make another couple with whatever toppings you want. Every freakin' year he brings out this stuff that looks SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOODDDDD, we used to just drool at the tv. Then we realized, we really need to head on down to our local pizzaria and get ourselves our own donairs! So that's become our tradition - first, cookie baking, then followed up with a donair supper! Yippeee!!

So thank you Bash, for your awesome donation to our family tradition, and of course the fantastic donation to the Maritime's favorite Christmas charity!

The auctions for some amazing stuff, from a Sidney Crosby jersey, to beautiful furniture, to a gorgeous Canadian diamond ring, are still going on now, get in on the fun and help a great cause!

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