Monday, September 03, 2007


I apologize for all the downtime lately - something is seriously wrong at Powweb, my service provider. All of their sites are down (forums, blogs, mainsite) and that extends to the sites they host, which mean most of my blog photos are missing, and & my gift shop ( are down completely.

I have no idea what the problem is, as there's no notes posted anywhere for web site owners like me to find out what's going on...hopefully things will be back to normal soon - I first checked at 10 am ADT this morning - they've been down at least since then.

I'll keep you posted!


Mark Ferris said...

Hi there - came across your blog using google's blog search tool.. I'm a powweb user too, and all my sites (10) are down, have been since about 1:25pm eastern (I know, because I was working on one of my sites - it went down between 1:20pm and 1:30pm.)

Anyways, using the same tool I used to find your blog post, I also found a recent post from the powweb forums, so apparently SOME people can access powweb. It appears to be something to do with a change to DNS records, or IP addresses that they changed on their servers.

Here's a direct quote:
Routing Issues - Sept 3
As we use multiple backbone carriers, we have initiated IP address changes to some server groups which might affect Powweb customers who host their DNS tables (have nameservers) externally that direct to a specific IP address. ...

At any rate, we're now on hour #7 of total blackout.

I'm not sure if you've been experiencing the myriad of problems over the past few months like many other users on powweb, but I think this is the last straw for me - and I've been very patient. They just can't seem to get their act together. It's sad, too, because I've tried to be loyal - I've been with them since around 2002.

Oh well - just thought I'd let you know what the problem is.

Ann Morash said...

*sigh* It really doesn't seem they have a clue what they're doing...

I've been with them for many years, too - and I've been worried since last year's "migration" was so difficult - trying to get past several layers of help desk people answering my questions ineffectively until I could talk to someone with actual technical knowledge to fix a problem on their end. Ugh.

I sympathize with you - 10 sites! - 10 times the frustration!

Thanks so much for letting me know what the latest issue is, I really appreciate it!