Friday, August 17, 2007

Mega Storm last night in NS

We had a MASSIVE thunderstorm last night, the likes of which I can't ever remember happening before (and neither can Dave's mom, and she's in her 70s)! It lasted well over an hour, probably closer to two, with the height of it lasting over 40 minutes. They showed on the news today that there were over 1200 lightning strikes in the province (a typical storm has about 200). Insane! We even had actual bolts of lightning, half hidden through layers of clouds, and not just our typical sheet lightning. Although, of course, there was lots of sheet lightning too! I don't know how long the storm went on while I just lay in bed, half asleep, expecting it to go away--but when it kept going on and on, and Peepers let out a questioning little "meooow?", I thought it best to get the rest of the furries together to make sure everyone was okay.

We gathered them all together in the living room upstairs. Baby Boy & Molly took it the best, they weren't worried at all, it seemed. Casey was a little freaky for a bit, but half of that was because it was 3 am and everybody was awake. She did her head-down-wagging-tail whole body wiggle, sticking her head in everybody's face to give kisses. She settled down pretty quickly, though. The worst for wear was Dave's mom's little Jack Russell terrier, Lila. She is scared by just fireworks, so a storm where the rumbling of thunder never stopped had her hyperventilating to where she nearly passed out! Poor little dear, it took her a LONG time to calm down. Once it had settled down and everyone went to bed, Baby decided that he was hungry, and started meowing and clawing under the door. I had to get up and give him some dinner, and he came in to sleep with us for a bit afterwards - a very rare event (so maybe he was affected after all).

This morning, all the birds and squirrels looked a little ragged. They were soaked through, and seemed more squabbly than usual, fighting over position at the feeder. Even saw a nuthatch and a sweet little yellow bird with a pointed bill that I didn't recognize - I guess they must have been blown here by the storm.

Never seen anything like it! Wow!