Sunday, August 26, 2007

Damn! Another bird just hit our window!

I don't know what kind it had a gorgeous yellow streak on top of it's head. I heard a loud "thump" by my head (I sit right next to the window), so I ran outside. Didn't see him anywhere, so I moved some brush around, and out flew a little bird, straight into one of our giant spider's webs. He was stuck! He just hung there limply by his head and wing. Poor little guy!!!

I instantly was reminded of a news item last week where a spider had actually caught and killed a hummingbird (someone found it's body completely entangled with spider webbing on their property last week - seriously!).

So I said, no freakin' way is our mega-spider going to do that to this poor little bird! So I started tearing the web off him before the spider could react. It took about 20 seconds, he was stuck in good. BUT, although he was very limp, his head and wing were fine - he seemed to have no lasting damage. He just needs to be left alone to get his head together again. I thought I had a good hold of him - I was going to try and keep him warm while his head cleared - but he squirted out, and fluttered off to a nearby bush. Hopefully he'll be none the worst for wear for his near-death adventure.

Good grief.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure it was a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, see great pics of them at this site.

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