Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We had a very nice trip to Martinique yesterday. It was funny, we stayed in the smaller part of the beach, where the surfers hang out, and the whole time we were there we could hear lifeguard whistles coming from the behind the rocks, where the main beach area is. We wondered if there were a lot of problem swimmers over there, but when we got home, we found out that there had been a national lifeguard Competition at the main beach. :) Might have been fun to watch, if we had known - but it's a lot of rocks to climb over.

Got these shots of a boat hauled out of the water, enroute.

As I mentioned before, we stuck to the surfer side of the beach - there were a lot of people there, as the tide started to come in!

While I was scouting around for cool-looking shells, I found this one still occupied! (You can see him as the little yellow-black thing inside). I set him on a rock to take his pic and thereby make him famous by posting him on the web (!), then put him back in the water.

Here you can see several trails through sand underwater, made by similar shelled beasties as the one above.

Beautiful waves, beautiful sky, beautiful day.

If you look closely on top of the rocks, you'll see a seagull, standing quietly and looking out at the water. That spot must be a favorite of theirs to sit and crack open the shells of crabs and clams and such.

Swirling waters, and the seaweed swirls with it.

If you look at the bright spot near the centre of the photograph, you can see a clam underwater - no doubt hoping to hide from seagulls amongst the seaweed!

And on our way home again: here's a drive-by pic of the Musquodoboit Railway Museum - it used to be a working train station, and my great-grandfather was one of it's station masters. The tracks are still there now, and although unused by trains, people still use them to hike along - it's a lovely walk!

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