Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Photo Journal: Winter Woods Walk

Haven't had much opportunity to go back in the woods for a walk so far this winter, but Casey really wanted a break from the "discipline" of walking on the streets (having to walk on a leash, etc.), and since today was sunny (it hasn't been for a LONG time), it seemed like a good idea. :D

Here's some of the things we saw on our walk today:

Throughout the woods there are numerous wet patches, and some running water, catching the runoff from the nearby swamplands. Surface of the water freezes a bit, but some of it still runs underneath, creating some beautiful patterns in the thin crust of ice.

Here's some ring-necked pheasant prints - they come by regularly in our backyard, and obviously hang out near the woods, too.

Bunny!!! I LOVE bunnies! These rabbit prints show his two big back feet, a small spot between them where he rested his front legs, and the little round circle for his cute little cotton-tail at the back. So cute!!

Here we have 3 sets of prints - bunny (top right), pheasant (top left) and someone's kitty cat, at the bottom. Obviously, everyone wasn't there all at once! :D

And finally, what walk in the woods would be complete without having to avoid stepping on rabbit poo. It always looks disturbingly like dog kibble to me - glad Casey had enough brains to not eat it! :)

Casey and I both had a really good time!