Sunday, January 14, 2007

Finally! This is what winter's SUPPOSED to be like!

January is supposed to be snowy and cold in these parts, but the weather's been all over the place so far this month. I've been able to go outside with only a zip-up fleece sweater on for warmth - that's just SO a-typical! But finally today we got a cold snap, and instead of rain (as we've had lots of this month) we finally got the shovel-able stuff.

I call this "Ode to a Green Cart in Winter" (early tomorrow morning is Green Cart (organic products) collection time, so we wheel the cart out the night before). And alone he stands, at the end of the driveway - a sentinel in the storm.

And it looks like the squirrel's been out and about - already the snow's filling in the prints, though. :)

Yay Snow!