Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I had a bout of insomnia last night...and after I got a third blanket to put on the bed, I could hear the wind just howling outside for sounded like the arctic tundra outside!

Man, I was cold! I felt bad taking that extra blanket, Molly was curled up on it having a snooze, but I really needed it! (She has a couple of other soft places she can choose from!).

Currently, if you look outside, the wind is just whipping over the little bit of snow we had the other day, and the sky is full of flakes zipping by. The temperature is -20 degrees Celsius, and with the windchill, it feels like -34 degrees C. (Want to know what that is in Fahrenheit? Check out this handy little converter, thanks to the Buffalo, NY Weather Service).

I REALLY don't want to take Casey out for her walk today...but she'll probably love it, she's always preferred the cold weather (can't stand the heat, poor thing, the sun makes her too hot with her black coat in the summertime) - winter's definitely her favorite time of year! :D

Well, this is at least more typical of the weather we should be getting in winter here in Nova Scotia...we always get a few days like this!

I think I'll set up some tea brewing for myself before I go outside, I'll need it when I get back in!! :)