Friday, July 07, 2006

Which is cuter??

#1. The House Squirrel. Pretty darn ADORABLE, peeking out of the birdhouse like that. Of course, as Dave said on the occasion, "with a squirrel inside, it's ceased to be a house, it's now a home". :D heh heh

2. A mother Song Sparrow feeding her baby at our feeder. The taller, thinner bird is the mommy, and the really big bird is the baby, if you can believe it (must be a male). He was "PEEEP PEEEP"-ing so loudly we could hear it with the window closed, and Dave said, "Look, she's feeding him!" He would sit there and cry and flap his wings, and she would pick up a seed and give it to him. He's old enough to follow his mom around, but he still hasn't figured out that he can feed himself. But all babies have to be weaned at some point, and I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon. It's SO SWEET!

So, I really can't say which is cuter! :)