Monday, July 03, 2006

Juvenile Goldfinch?

I looked out at the birdfeeder this afternoon, and saw a new bird traveling with the flock of American Goldfinches we regularly see out there. Usually it's been one male with several females, but today there was a second male! He was much paler than the regular male, but still had the male markings: see above, with the new male on the left, the regular male in the middle, and a female on the right (sitting on the railing). Is he a baby (juvenile) goldfinch? I think so! They must be taking him around, teaching him the ropes of how to eat at a birdfeeder, among other survival skills.

The other day I saw a baby grackle at the feeder (grackles are big brown birds with dark blue heads, about the size of a blue jay). He had his flight feathers, but the rest of his body was still covered with soft brown down - he had already reached full size though, it was funny to see a baby that BIG! :)

Ah, little animal babies in summertime - is there anything more adorable? :D