Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fun afternoon at the Park

Ever since she was a tiny puppy, I've taken Casey to the lake or the sea - I knew that if I wanted her to be able to go swimming when she was older, it was important to get her used to the water as early as possible. And she's such a little trooper, so eager to please, that when I'd go out a little ways into the water, and encourage her to follow me, she would! At first, she'd run in and out again very quickly back to Dave who was safe on dry land, and she'd cry a little, but she'd always be willing to give it a try again! (Frankly, she cries a LOT, over every little thing...she's a bit silly that way). But it was worth it, because now she loves to go for a swim!

Dave tosses some rocks out on the water, and she'll swim off and chase them. Here you can see the ripples from a rock just tossed, and the intense look of concentration she has, ears fully up, about to take off after it! Once she gets there, she sees she can't get it, so she looks expectantly for a new rock to be tossed. We had a lot of fun, she got a nice cool-down from the warm weather, and Dave and I got pretty damp ourselves from her shaking herself off. :D

We've got some lovely parks here in Nova Scotia - I highly recommend a visit! :)