Friday, June 26, 2009

Pig Business

Thanks to Stephen Fry for tweeting this! I might not have heard of it otherwise!

It is HARD to watch, but it is IMPORTANT to watch. Pig Business is a new documentary film about the devastating effects of modern "farming" methods of raising pigs - which really is applying industrial production methods to animals. I love pigs, and bacon is probably my most favorite food in the world, so being face to face with how these animals are treated in the larger corporate farms is really hard to see. It is a great kick in the butt, though, for me to continue to track down and support small local farmers who treat their livestock with respect. These are living creatures after all, not cars!

I don't know when we'll be able to see the film in North America, but the UK has showings listed on the website, and also has a trailer for the film.

So check it out - it's tough, but it's so very important to know the consequences of how we're raising animals these days.


Queenie said...

My dad inspected meat in a bacon factory when I was young and I've seen what happens and I still eat bacon.... shame on me... but even more worrying is the amount of antibiotics they give pigs and the fact that they don't check if they are still in their system before they are slaughtered.

Ann Morash said...

Truly so! It no doubt has made us sicker as a species. It's scary, isn't it, when you think about it? The film covers this aspect as well - it's the overcrowding that leads producers to resort to antibiotics in the first place. The filmmaker also discusses the health of the poor folks who live next to these "factory farms", you can imagine how unpleasant and unhealthy that must be.

It seems bad from every direction! I do love bacon, but I really am going to try to eat less until I can find a more humane source. It's all we can do for now!