Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Photo Journal: Springtime in the City

Our first city spring in several years. Took a long time getting here, as there were steady snowstorms throughout winter. But the trees are finally in leaf, and the early blossoms of forsythia and crocus have all faded away. Finally, spring is really here!

We had a couple of lovely flowering trees in our yard, near the woods:

Chickadees are still enjoying our tiny birdfeeder:

The leaves on the maple trees are out, but not fully extended yet:

Casey's having to take time out during her play, in the shade of the bushes. Her black fur makes her overheat very quickly, and as soon as it got a little warm, she started having to take breaks. :)

And, on a not-really-related note, I bought a very cute little turnip at the grocery store, and decided to take pics of it. I had the knife in the shot for scale. Bahy Boy thought perhaps it was food time, and gently reminded me that he was there, and totally available for feeding. What a goofy cat. :)

So, that's been spring...bring on the sunny skies and sandal-wearing weather!

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