Monday, September 08, 2008


As one of my co-workers stated - "Oh, you're moving? Moving sucks." Oh yeah. It does.

There's a lot of things I'm going to miss about living out here, and a lot of things I'll be happy to leave behind. I will really miss seeing the baby pheasants grow up, and all the bunnies and other wildlife that have become part of my daily life here. I'll miss the country air, and the (relative) quiet.

I'll be trading in the annoyance of ATVs and snowmobiles for the annoyance of loud music blaring from cars driving down the street, so it's pretty much equal there.

I'll be glad to be able to go to the Farmer's Market in Halifax, the biggest and oldest one in the province (since the 1700s) - assuming I can get Saturdays off. :) The place we're renting has a nice view, and a quiet backyard, which will be nice to relax in.

So, once we're actually done moving all our stuff from one place to the other, and get properly settled in, I'll get back to blogging about the more ruralish aspects of my new city life.

Wish us luck! :)

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