Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Check out our great new Homesteading Tees!

Just released a brand new "Ruralish" design, celebrating homesteading with pride! Features a collection of country-grown vegetables with the words "Proud to be a Homesteader".

Homesteading, for those who don't frequent this blog, is a movement really gaining popularity, but based on an old idea. You grow and preserve your own food, make your own cleaning products, and so on - basically it's a simple life movement, getting back to basics, and living in cooperation with the land (living Green). There's even a subset of the movement called Urban Homesteading, in which people in urban settings, while not blessed with the amount of land available in the country, still aim to live their lives with homesteading principals - buying local, preserving their food, not using harsh chemicals, etc. It's a fast-growing movement! So, if you'd like to spread the word about your choice of homesteading lifestyle, this t-shirt design is perfect for you!

Check out my other designs featuring aspects of Ruralish life - simple living, buying local, living green, and more!

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