Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Backyard Strawberries

Mmmmm...sweet backyard strawberries. They grow wild all over the place, and if you're not too set on having a grass-only lawn, these teeny tiny wild strawberries are a great plant to share the lawn with! So tasty! They'd make a lovely decoration on the top of a cake, or cupcakes, too.

Hmmm...may have to make some cupcakes later... :)


michele said...

Hello, I'm new to Nova Scotia and i was trying to figure out where I find them around Halifax. I use to have a patch in my backyard in northern Ontario as a kid and made jams with them. I miss the taste so much. The weather is different here too, so I'm also not sure when they come out here. anyway, your picture inspired me to sit patiently in a field and pick up little wild strawberries. So if it's any possible to share with me the where about I could find some of those it would be greatly appreciated. I like going for hikes in trails around the area also if any of them that you know could have some. And do you know if the I can purchase seeds for those? Thank you very much
Michele =)

Ann Morash said...

Local strawberries will show up in the supermarkets when the time comes, usually late June/July (be sure to look at where they come from, we get a lot of American strawberries in just before the local batch), but the best place will be the Halifax Farmer's Market:
1496 Lower Water Street, Halifax
Saturday mornings year-round 7am to 1pm. They're supposed to move this summer to new digs, but the website should have that info. Farmers from all over have come to the market on Saturday mornings for 250 years, and it's a fantastic place to get great local produce. There's also lots of u pick places where you can pick your own strawberries (and lots of other goodies). Search google for "nova scotia strawberry u pick", and you'll find lots of farms. As for seeds, try Veseys, a PEI company that specializes in seeds and plants for our short growing season. They have several strawberry plants available:

As for the little wild strawberries, they really are just about everywhere, in people's backyards all over - if they haven't tried to kill them in the name of a green, uniform lawn! ;) Hope this helps!

Ann Morash said...

I just went in the backyard, and what do I see but a few tiny strawberry flowers! So, if you want to find where the plants are growing wild in your area, they're blooming now!