Friday, January 18, 2008

BeanDreams 2008: If I were a rich (wo)man...

Dee dee dee dee dee dee dum...sorry, got lost in a Fiddler on the Roof moment...

I was making out my list of potential purchases from Vesey's the other day, and I thought, "Hey, why don't I just go hog wild, and make a list of stuff I wish I could get!"

Of course, if I were REALLY rich, I'd buy everything, and a farm to grow it on. :) I'm a total gardening fiend at heart. But for now, I must budget, so I can't go hog wild, heh heh.

Oh, and a note before we begin: the links are to the Canadian version of the catalogue, with Canadian Dollar prices. If you want to order from the US, you have to go to the front page and choose the US version of the catalogue, (or click on the link underneath the Vesey's name in the top left hand corner) and search for the product names through there.

Stuff 'n' Such
  • The Climbing Cage - an incredible expanding and collapsing spiral that anything trailing would love to grow up! From Sweet Peas to Tomatoes, this looks like a super-cool and compact way to grow your trailing favorites!
  • Palm Peeler - a cool vegetable peeler that you slip on your fingers that fits in the palm of your hand! As a person who has troubles with regular peelers (I never learned to peel towards myself, so I always make a mess), this looks like it would be pretty darn handy.
  • Mezzaluna with Cutting Board Herb growers would love this little gem, a double bladed herb mincer. Looks really easy to use (read: ergonomic)!
  • Foxgloves 'Grip' & Tub Trugs: Gotta have a matching set of a durable/flexible lugging bucket & comfortable water-resistant gardening gloves - in hot pink! Oh yeah!!
  • Soil pH Meter and/or Soil Testing Kit - good tools for organic gardeners, so you know how your soil is doing. (Now I just have to find out what to do once I've got the results. My soil needs more nitrogren, now what? I'm sure it's online somewhere... :))
  • Earthworm Castings - yes, it's worm poop. But apparently worm poop is a great soil enricher!
  • Garden Inoculant : for beans and peas (including sweet peas) it is bacteria that provides nitrogen around the seed, which it needs to get a great start in life. Supposed to make beans and peas grow bigger, faster. Never used it but wanted to try it for years. :)

For Birds (they love to eat the seeds at the end of the season):
Fun Veggies
  • kohlrabi, a funky looking relative of the cabbage. I'd love to taste it for myself and see what it's like! This pic was one I took at Agrifest a few years back - it looks like a space vegetable or something!
  • Papaya Pear Squash - a fun looking alternative to zucchini - supposed to be good in stir fry!
  • Tumbling Tom Tomato - sweet little tomatoes you can grow in a pot or hanging pot on your patio. Sounds easier to cover if we get early frosts, as we sometimes do in this area.

So that's just some of my favorites! They have a lot of cool stuff, be sure to check it out! :)

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