Monday, June 25, 2007

Lots of doin's a goin'...

We went out to do our laundry at the laundrymat (we have a dryer, but no washer) and boy, did we see a lot of cool stuff!

There were horses in the horse field (with a big sign that says not to feed them) - I've seen the field many times, but rarely see horses in it. There was even a baby horse (a foal) there, a pretty palamino patterned one. So cute! I wonder if his or her's birth was on MareStare (warning: a highly addictive site! Lots of fun, very educational - but can be sad when things go wrong. More often though, things go right, and it's really special and wonderful.)

Then, we saw a hedgehog poke his head out of the tall grasses lining the highway - he took one look at our car, freaked out and started to turn around back into the woods. Good move, little guy! I've seen far, far too many of his kind end up as roadkill, sadly - I've never actually seen a live one in person before. He had really sweet, tiny black glittering eyes, and was dark brown/almost black. Small too, he must be young. What a cutie!

On the way back, we saw a white stretch limo driving by - I said, "Oh, must be prom night!" And, as if to prove the point, we saw a young man in a tux driving a very expensive car, picking up a couple of lovely young ladies dressed in beautiful ball gowns outside of the grocery store. Definitely prom! I guess pouffy is back in, I think the fashion had been long, slinky dresses for a time, but pretty ball gowns with big pouffy skirts seem to be back. Very cute! We saw another young man in a tux inside the grocery store, looking VERY nervous, and pacing around - must have been waiting for his date to arrive. CUTE!

The only not-cute part came at the end of our outing, while I was hanging some towels outside to dry. Our little grey outdoor cat (Peepers) got the fright of his life as Casey came barrelling around the corner - Casey was so excited to see the little guy close up that she tried to herd him, and he took off, and she ran after him. She refused to come back when called, so she's in the doghouse (figuratively speaking) right now. Hopefully the little guy comes back, we've tried so hard to get his trust, but Casey got outside while we were bringing laundry in from the car. *sigh*. Hope he comes back soon.

Otherwise, lots of interesting things to see out there today!