Friday, September 10, 2010

Too Cool! Airshow Practice!

Once again, after a long absence, the air show is at Shearwater, AND I'm in the city. When I was a kid, the airshow was always at Shearwater, which is not (flying wise) very far from my house - we used to get on the roof and watch the show at a distance, or stand on street and watch down the road. They had to move the airshow around to different locales when I was an adult, and I lived out on the outskirts of the HRM for a long time, so it's been a while since I've seen it.  But now, they're back, and I'm back, and they're doing some practicing for the air show this weekend.  And they're practicing over our house! Very cool, nothing like a jet fighter trainer flying low and fast, rattling your windows!  They turned a couple of times directly over the house (COOL!), but mostly they've been going by, practicing doing that straight up climb, then straight down maneuver, turning, and a little spinning, too.

When I lived out on the Eastern shore, my parents still enjoyed watching the air show, and chose one year to go to the cliff behind our house to watch it.  Our Canadian aerial acrobatic team, the Snowbirds, come annually to the air show, and do an awesome performance.  When I was a kid, and still today, some of the Snowbirds perform their turn-arounds (to get back to Shearwater to do some more formations), right over our house. You can imagine how cool that was, and is!  So my folks were in a great position to watch the occasional Snowbird fly by very low, as in you-can-look-in-the-cockpit low.  Mom, being the silly goofball that she is (a trait she has passed on to me, I might add), would wave every time they went by. And on the last flyby, he flew extra low and waggled his wings back at her!  It happened to be her birthday too, and let me tell you, she was thrilled!  Something she'll always remember, and still talks about. (So, whoever you are out there, Mr. Pilot, you made Mom's day!).

All the performers will be showing up sometime today, likely, so we'll be hearing a lot of airplanes in the air as they fly by en route to Shearwater.  Don't know if I'll make it to the show, but I definitely will watch down the road, to see what I can see, at a distance. :)

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