Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

What a downpour we've been having this morning. The girls still wanted to go out....

We went to the top of the hill, I came prepared with a blanket to sit on, and an umbrella. Lila decided early on to come sit with me under the umbrella, and Casey sat nearby playing goofily with her rock.  Of course, both girls decided that it was best to shake off while standing next to me, and since my blanket soaked through the bottom, I wasn't that dry anyway... :)

When it was getting close to finishing time, I saw a movement in the grass near my feet, and a little brown frog struggled into view.  I said to him "surely you're not looking to sit under the umbrella, too?" but he just stared back at me.  I think he considered it for a minute though...

Rather than have him noticed by the girls, I thought it best we go in, and leave the little guy to his adventure in the woods beyond our yard.  :)

Guess what Casey, you're staying in the basement for a while, you big muddy girl.

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