Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mom & Baby Pheasants - In the City??!!

SOOO exciting!!! I've NEVER seen a pheasant in the city proper before (I've heard the males in the woods since we moved here, off and on, but never at all when I was growing up a short distance from here). For a mommy to bring her 3 or 4 little babies to our yard to peck around amongst the clover is just truly a thrill. The babies were well-hidden, we only got a look at them when they got to the trodden-down path in the middle of the lawn. She kept a watchful eye on everyone while keeping herself well-hidden too! The babies were less than 1/4 her size, so they're very young still.

I'm still squealing with glee, and it happened an hour ago! :D

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